About Us

Construction Industry Professional Training Council (CIPTC) is a body promoted by CIDC and leading players representing the Construction Industry. It is dedicated to the promotion of technical education in Construction Industry.

As a part of our initiatives, CIPTC has undertaken to offer diploma programs, Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering and Post-Diploma courses in distance learning mode and/or traditional mode in the fields of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Trenchless Technology.

Under an MoU since 2002, CIDC together with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has been offering joint certification Diploma Programs in Civil and Electrical / Mechanical Engineering to Indian Army personnel at the Army Centres in Roorkee, Pune and Bangalore.

In order to promote technical education in Construction Industry, State Board of Technical Education, Govt. of Haryana (SBTE) jointly with CIDC is offering Weekend Diploma and Post Diploma programs in various study centres located at different government polytechnics across the State. 

CIDC has an MoU with Assam University, Silchar (AUS), a Central University formed by an Act of Parliament with a Grade B++ accreditation from UGC, with the objective of contributing to the development of human resources in the field of construction related areas through joint design and implementation for continuing and extension education program(s) for construction professionals and workers.

Under this initiative, AUS jointly with CIDC is offering Diplomas and Post Diplomas in various study centres located at different locations in Assam State and other venues in the country. These programs are offered to increase employability of those aspirants in the country, who wish to join the infrastructure development boom in India. These programs are on offer both in traditional as well as Distant Mode of Education.

The broad objectives of these programs are :

  • To offer need based and tailor made academic programs for the specific need of supervisory level manpower engaged in Construction & those desirous to serve the Construction Industry.
  • To upgrade and modernize the technical know-how of those engaged in the construction related activities apart from the fresh candidates desirous of taking careers in Construction Industry.
  • To provide better industry-education linkage by matching learners’ educational needs, while collaborating with professional bodies like CIDC and other technical institutions.
On the lines of CIDC-AU program, with a specific objective of focused attention to South India, CIDC has an MoU with Periyar Maniammai University (PMU), Thanjavur wherein all modes of Diploma programs are on offer.

A similar MoU with Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogik Vishwavidyala cover Professional & Vocational technical programs in Central India.

The programs with IGNOU, SBTEH, AU, RGPV and PMU are under the operational ambit, conduct & supervision of CIPTC.


A program in the ‘Traditional Mode of Education’ is conducted through regular class-room teaching at the Study Centres.

In ‘Distant Mode of Education’, each student is attached to a Study Centre, but pursues studies on his own, without visiting the study centre on a regular basis. A Course Material Kit, comprising of specially prepared guides and reading material, projects and assignments etc. is provided to each candidate. A few classroom sessions as may be necessary are however conducted. For clearing the semesters, candidates are required to pass the exams, conducted in CIDC authorised Study Centres.

Partner Organization

Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC)

Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) was established in 1996 by the Planning Commission, Government of India along with the constituents of Indian Construction Industry as the apex organization to professionalize the functioning and monitor the construction activities.

CIDC has done substantial work in promoting skill up-gradation of construction personnel in addition to procedural, bureaucratic and technological changes in Construction Industry. CIDC has been the catalyst of change and has accelerated the process of self-reform that shall enable the industry to answer the challenges of the future.

Human Resource Development is a major thrust area of CIDC. A vast range of Executive Development programs, Diploma for Army Jawans & NCOs, Construction Workers Training are among the many programs on offer.

CIDC has joined hands AUS to offer the above Diploma and Post-diploma programs to increase employability of aspirants in Country, on a self financing basis, who wish to join the infrastructure development boom in India.

Other Associate Organizations

Construction Industry Vocational Training Council (CIVTC)

Construction Industry Vocational Training Council (CIVTC) is the apex nodal agency to promote, upgrade, strengthen and develop the Human resource Development of the secondary segment (workers and supervisors level) in the Construction Industry so as to be competent and competitive in the domestic and international markets, and to be responsive to the economic, technical, environmental and social changes and policies.

International Council of Consultants (ICC)

International Council of Consultants (ICC) is the apex representative organization of construction related consultancy services. Governing Council of ICC has representation from several important professional organizations. The specialized role of Consultants is increasingly playing a more significant part in an economy, which is growing fast in a global competitive environment. The need of Consultants across diverse sectors including Banking, Construction, Education, Management Energy, Environment, Governance, IT, Law, Engineering, Trade, Transport and others is felt more now with increasing emphasis on life cycle costs and sustained development. Globalization and the emergent regional alliances are expanding the physical boundaries of operations of Consultants.

Consultant as an expert, gives overall guidance in the required field, where ordinary knowledge is not sufficient. Skilled Consultancy Services allow us to offer organizations completely tailored and integrated solutions catering to the needs of any project. International Council of Consultants acts as a connecting link between Consultants and Organizations. ICC members are Consultants equipped with multidimensional skills to offer their services for any project.

The Post Diploma Program in Construction Technology and Management is the HR initiative of ICC where professionals in the construction sector are developed. As a student of the Post Diploma Course one shall have the opportunity to be inducted in the Guild as a student member for a proper professional development.

Indian Society for Trenchless Technology (INDSTT)

Indian Society for Trenchless Technology (INDSTT) is the apex organization to promote the application and nurture the growth of Trenchless Techniques in India and other South Asian nations. It was established in 1995. It is one of the focal points of the Trenchless Technologists in this part of world.

For the past twelve years INDSTT, has been making relentless efforts in popularizing the technology in India and has been able to achieve enormous recognition and respect for its technology promotional efforts.

Trenchless Technology is a newer addition to the construction technology sector to develop and manage subsurface infrastructure networks. As there is a dearth of trained professionals in the sector, Human resource capacity augmentation has become one of the main need areas and Post Diploma in Trenchless Technology is one of such developmental activities of INDSTT. As a student of the Post Diploma Course one shall have the opportunity to be inducted in the Guild as a student member for a proper professional development.

Council for Application of Actuarial Science in Risk Management in Construction and Allied Industries (CARM)

Council for Application of Actuarial Science in Risk Management in Construction and Allied Industries (CARM) was established to articulate the risk related issues affecting the Construction Industry and to introduce Actuarial applications for the development of risk alleviation and mitigation techniques.

Healthcare Infrastructure Development Council (HIDC)

Healthcare Infrastructure Development Centre (HIDC) is a registered society under the Societies Registration Act formed by entities involved in providing healthcare. It views healthcare as a holistic approach covering preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects. It brings together apex bodies of all categories of healthcare providers, namely Healthcare project designer, constructors, hospitals, Nursing homes, Laboratories, equipment manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and financial institutions.

Asian Concrete & Construction Institute (ACCI)

Asian Concrete & Construction Institute (ACCI) is the professional body dedicated to the promotion of concrete construction & related activities. It provides a platform to its members in enhancing their skills in the relevant fields of construction engineering. Membership of this professional guide enables the members to get a greater networking platform, access to technical information apart from other benefits.