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Dual Degree Program in Civil Engineering

Study Centers

Fee Structure

Periyar Maniammai University (PMU)

Periyar Maniammai University (PMU) (Under Section 3 of UGC Act, 1956) with a view to democratise education and disseminate knowledge through novel techniques and methodologies for the benefit of large section of society within the jurisdiction of Periyar Maniammai University and other geographical locations as may be decided from time to time.

In order to promote technical education in Construction Industry, PMU Jointly with CIDC has initiated Engineering Diplomas and dual Degree programs in various study centres located at different locations in the Country.


With the growth in development of the physical infrastructure in the nation, it is incumbent on the Construction Industry of to ensure that not only the requisite number of persons required for the construction and developmental activities in the country, both under the national programs as well as the infrastructure construction programs, are made available, but also such personnel are duly trained so as to match global standards in construction.

Diploma in Civil / Mechanical / Electrical Engineering

Construction Industry is the second largest employer, next only to agriculture. With the projected demand in the industry of over 25 lac professionals annually, great thrust needs to be imparted to the delivery systems and capacities of technical education. This could be achieved through intense industry participation and therefore these programs are being launched, for which Construction Industry Development Council & Periyar Maniammai University have joined hands.

The present program aims at meeting the aspirations of these persons who would be interested to pursue their education while working in the construction / allied sectors. The programs are being conducted at the CIDC Training Centres.

Objectives of the Program

The broad objectives of this Program are :

  • To offer need based and tailor made academic program for the specific need of supervisory level manpower engaged in Construction & those desirous to serve the Construction Industry.
  • To upgrade and modernize the technical know-how of those engaged in construction related activities apart from fresh candidates desirous of taking up careers in Construction Industry.
  • To provide better industry-education linkage by matching learners educational needs to industry needs by collaborating with professional bodies like CIDC and other technical institutions.

Details of the Diploma Program

Details of the diploma Program are as follows:

Diploma in Civil Engg. / Mechanical Engg. / Electrical Engg.

Type of Program Professional & Technical
Level of Program Diploma
Duration of Program Minimum three years & Maximum five years
Medium of Instruction English and / or Tamil*
Eligibility for Admission 10th pass with 2 years working experience OR ITI Pass
Certifying Agencies Periyar Maniammai University & CIDC
Branch Code for Civil Engineering 01
Branch Code for Electrical Engineering 02
Branch Code for Mechanical Engineering 03
Entrance & Final Exams in Semesters in Tamil also

Dual Degree Program in Civil Engineering

The Industry is growing at a pace of 16% per annum and with this growth the demand of Civil Engineers is also rising substantially.

The program aims at admitting candidates who hold a degree in any branch of engineering and are desirous of graduating in Civil/ Construction Engineering.

Dual Degree in Civil Engineering

Type of Program Professional & Technical
Level of Program Post-Graduation
Duration of Program Minimum 1 year & Maximum 3 years
Medium of Instruction English
Eligibility for Admission Graduate in Engineering
Certifying Agency / ies Periyar Maniammai University, Thanjavur & CIDC
Branch Code 71

Study Centers

The following are the proposed centres for conduct of the courses. However, CIDC - AUS reserve the right to cancel any of the centres without assigning any reason whatsoever. Similarly new centres can be established. The candidate, while applying, should be prepared to pursue his course of study / training at any of the Centres allotted to him. Decision regarding final allocation of the centres shall be posted on the website & notice boards of respective Centres and this shall be binding on the candidate.

Sl No

Name & Address

Contact Person

Contact Details



Periyar Tidal
50 EVK Sampath Salai, Veperi, Chennai - 60007
Ms Elavenil Ph: 26618366


Narmada Study centre
4/479 R S Road, Dharmapuri
Mr Arunagiri M: 984209060

Salem & Coimbatore

Global Educational trust
15/297 LIC Colony, Hotel Vasantham Road, Opp to New Bus Stand, Salem - 636 004
Mr Ranganathan M: 9345695777
[test centre for Salem & Coimbatore: Barathi Vidhyala, Hr. Sec. School., Near Govt. Arts college for men, Maravaneri, Salem-07]

Puducherry & Villupuram

Thanthai Periyar Arts and Science College
76, Savari Padayachi Street, Nelli thope, Puducherry
Mr Raja Mohamed Ibrahim M: 9487508310

Thanjavur, Tiruchi, PMU, Thirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Madurai & all others

Periyar Maniammai University
Vallam, Thanjavur, Pin 613403
Mr Thyagarajan M: 90039 76775

Fee Structure

Pre-admission Fees for Application inclusive of Prospectus, Postage, Handling & Counseling Fees (wherever applicable):


Candidates in India

Candidates Abroad

Diploma (Regular) Rs.2250/- US$150
Dual Degree Civil Engineering Rs.5,750/- US$380

Basis of Admission & Fees

a) Traditional Mode of Education:


Tuition Fees Rs. (INR)

Final Exam Rs. (INR)

Caution Money Rs. (INR)

Total Rs. (INR)

Guild Fees (D/D in name of the Guild)

1 First 7,500 500 Rs.1,500 9,500 Regn + Annual or Life Membership
2 Second 7,500 500 - 8,000
3 Third 7,500 500 - 8,000 Annual Fee
4 Fourth 7,500 500 - 8,000
5 Fifth 7,500 500 - 8,000 Annual Fee
6 Sixth 7,500 500 - 8,000
Total 45,000 3,000 1,500 49,500

b) Distance Mode of Education (Saturday & Sunday or through Guide)

Total Fees on Admission


Distance Mode of Education (Students in India)

Distance Mode of Education (Students abroad)

Tuition Fees Rs. (INR)

Caution Money Rs. (INR)

Course Guidance Fees Rs. (INR)

Final Exam Fees Rs. (INR)

Total Rs. (INR)

Fees (US$)

Caution Money (US$)

Course Guidance Fees (US$)

Final Exam Fees (US$)

Total (US$)

1 First 5,500 1,500 850 500 8,350 600 100 60 35 795
2 Second 5,500 850 500 6,850 600 100 35 695
3 Third 5,500 850 500 6,850 600 100 35 695
4 Fourth 5,500 850 500 6,850 600 100 35 695
5 Fifth 5,500 850 500 6,850 600 100 35 695
6 Sixth 5,500 850 500 6,850 600 100 35 695
Total 33,000 1,500 5,100 3,000 42,600 3,600 100 360 210 4,270

B. Dual Degree in Civil Engineering

Admission to Dual Degree in Civil Enginering will be on the basis of an entrance examination and/ or a personal counseling interview in New Delhi or any Centre specified by CIDC.

Fee Structure for Dual Degree Program

Fee Details

Total fee on Admission

Guild fees

Students in India

Students Abroad

1 Tuition fee (Annual) Rs. 75,000 US$ 5,000 Regn + Annual OR Life Membership
2 Caution Money (Refundable) Rs. 5,000 US$ 335
3 Examination Fee (Annual) Rs. 4000 US$ 265
4 Notes, Handout & other printed Material (Annual) Rs. 5,000 US$ 335
Total Rs. 89,000 US$ 5,935